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Ford Fiesta Range of Accessories

Ford Fiesta Accessories

You can really make the experience of owning a Ford Fiesta as individual as you are with our customisable accessories. From stylish leather interior design features to dynamic, exterior design packs. There’s something to cater to every taste. At Lyons of Limerick and our other dealership, Lyons of Nenagh, we can order and fit any of the Ford Fiesta accessories you can see below and many more.

If you don't see what you're looking for just get in touch with us, check our other accessories or browse the whole range of Ford accessories online and let us know what you need.

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Inside Your Fiesta

  • Ford Fiesta Accessories Luggage Compartment Mat
  • Ford Fiesta Luggage Compartment Mat

    This reversible mat protects the luggage compartment of your Ford Fiesta against dirt and damp. Whilst one side is premium velour carpet, the reverse is a durable, washable, plastic anti-slip material. With fold-out bumper and rear seat cover.

  • Ford Fiesta Accessories Gear Stick
  • Ford Fiesta Leather Gear Lever and Steering Wheel

    Spice up your Ford's interior, from its leather steering wheel to its gear lever knob and hand-brake cover – perfectly complemented by matching gaiter or bezel. We can order the correct Ford Original parts for your Fiesta and fit them for you

  • Ford Fiesta Accessories Scuff Plat
  • Ford Fiesta Scuff Plates

    Step into your vehicle in style and protect it at the same time, with scuff plates in polished stainless steel or aluminium look.

  • Ford Fiesta Accessories Pedels
  • Ford Fiesta Aluminium Sports Pedal Cappings

    An eye-catching accessory for the more performance-minded, sporty driver. Made with corrosion resistant, genuine aluminium alloy, with non-slip rubber inserts it's a quality, design, and safety feature complementing the sporty style of your car.

  • Ford Fiesta Accessories Armrest
  • Ford Fiesta Polytec Armrest

    Comfort and extra storage space for your Ford Fiesta. With integrated stowage box, adjustable in height and length, including screws for fitting. Armrest top is made of composition leather with high quality stitching.

Outside Your Fiesta

  • Ford Fiesta Accessories Roof Base Carrier
  • Ford Fiesta Roof Base Carrier

    Fix any attachment you require for your transportation needs. Each roof base carrier is designed to fit a specific Ford model, and is lockable for protection against theft. Roof base carriers – if not factory-fitted – are required for fitting roof cross bars.

  • Ford Fiesta Accessories Bumper Load Protection
  • Ford Fiesta Bumper Load Protection

    Ford’s protection plates and foils are specifically designed for each Ford model. They protect against the daily wear and tear which can soon cause scuffs and scratches on the rear bumper sills. The plates combine protection with a stylish design, whilst the foils provide protection without compromising the look and style of your vehicle.

  • Ford Fiesta Accessories Front Diffuser
  • Ford Fiesta Front Diffuser

    Give your vehicle a sportier profile and enhanced aerodynamics. Designed to enhance the vehicle’s exterior styling, all Ford body styling parts go through strict quality controls and optimised fitting procedures to guarantee perfect fitting accuracy. They not only meet Ford’s own requirements for quality, durability, noise reduction, as well as driving and handling performance, but also exceed all relevant legal requirements.

  • Ford Fiesta Accessories Roof Spoiler
  • Ford Fiesta Roof Spoiler

    Adds a sporty look to the vehicle and gives an aerodynamic finish to the roof line. Comes primed, ready for painting in the correct body colour.

Please contact us, or visit our showroom to find out more about ordering and fitting or to discuss other options for your Ford Fiesta

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